Moving to Holland is not easy, but it's worth the effort. This blog tells the story of shifting from American life in Pittsburgh to Expat life in the Netherlands,
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Funny Dutch 101

While both of us have done a mediocre job of learning Dutch, there are some funny moments when we learn new words. Sometimes we are surprised by the meaning of the words, and other times they just simply sound funny to us, or are fun to say. We thought it would be nice to keep track of some of our favorite words & phrases:

  • thuis = at home
  • echt = real/really
  • lekker = delicous (but also used as 'nice', such as "lekker warm")
  • sinaasappelsap = orange juice
  • Hoe gaat het met je meisje? = what's up girl? (literally "how is it with you girl?")
  • vleugeltjes = chicken wings
  • Honkbal Hoofdklasse = Major League Baseball
  • winkel = shop; (variations, avondwinkel = night shop, winkelwagon = shopping cart)
  • neuken in de keuken = having sex (but the naughty word for it) in the kitchen
  • helaas pindakaas = 'too bad' or 'that's unfortunate' (literally, helaas = unfortunate, and pindakaas = peanutbutter, but they rhym so they say this phrase)
  • Waarom zijn de bananen krom? = Why is the banana curved? (a response when someone asks 'why' and you don't know the answer)

…stay tuned, more to come.