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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ray's visit

By the time Raymond came out to visit, we had discovered a few more cool places to go in Rotterdam than we had known about when Feet and Jarod were here. Raymond was going to Italy to work on the startup for a new Shell plant, so he flew in to see us for a couple days before heading down there. We spent the days strolling around Rotteram, Delft, & Amsterdam, getting a personal tour of the Pelgrim brewery in Delfshaven, and biking around the city & Kralingen lake.

Of course, Ray is an amazing photographer. One of the benefits of having a friend like this is that he took some great shots while he was here, such as this one that he snapped of Chad and I in Amsterdam.


PS: for more pics from Ray's trip, check out the Flickr folder:

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