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Monday, May 4, 2009

Counting Crows concert at Ahoy

May 4, 2009

I was unaware that Holland gets some big-name concerts quite often. Most of the time they will play in Amsterdam, for the larger crowd, but Rotterdam also hosts quite a few bands at their Ahoy arena. So, Chad and I snagged a couple tickets to see the Counting Crows. As it turns out, my friend Dennis, who is now living in Oxford, UK, was coming in to town with his brothers that same day. So, they decided to buy tickets to the show, as well. The best part about Ahoy, is that it is extremely easy for us to get to. We only have to take the metro 4 stops, then it's a short 5 minutes walk to the arena! Really convenient.

The concert was good, and it was nice to hear some live music again. The arena itself, though, does not seem to have the best acoustics, but I think we were in one of the smaller stage areas. We were on the middle level of seating, and we walked over to the side of the stage, and the sound was much better. We also had easier access to beer and toilets (both necessities). It was a fun night, and good to catch up with Dennis. Looking forward to the next concert!


Pics from the concert:

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