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Monday, January 25, 2010

Trip home to the States

This year, we didn't make it home in December, so we sort of delayed our "Christmas" trip home until January. Meagan picked us up at the airport, and the first night we went to Redbeards. Just like old times. ;) We had recently learned that Meagan and Trevor were moving out of their apartment into my old stomping grounds at Ventana Hills. Good news for them… but unfortunately it meant that Chad and I had to spend a couple days of our vacation moving our stuff from Meagan’s current apartment attic to the new storage unite at VH. But, oh well, that happens when you move.

On Saturday, both of our parents came up to PGH to visit for the day, and we had a really fun time. We watched the WVU basketball team play & had some 'typical' American snacks & of course great American beer, which I think Chad and I enjoyed (or at least appreciated) more than the rest. Then we all went to Fat Heads. It goes without saying that the food & beer was great, as always. Our parents loved the restaurant, too.

Chad then stayed in PGH, and I went to Morgantown with my parents, as the next day we would drive down to Charleston to visit with Sittee. Christy met us in Morgantown, too, because she had been visiting with Sommer for a couple days. The four old Moses’ together again on a road trip to Charleston… it’s been a while. ;)

We had a really nice visit with Sittee, and as always, we had some great food. Sitttee is still doing great. I tried to pay more attention this time when we were preparing dinner, to get some advice from her on her ‘secret’ methods that make the food so delicious. Hopefully I picked some things up.

Meanwhile, Chad was enjoying the American life in Pittsburgh; getting blisters on his fingers from Trevor's Playstation & trying to taste as many beers as possible. He was also doing some valuable legwork & research for our big purchase we would make while in the States; the DSLR camera. And he did a great job, because our new baby that we brought back to Europe (Nikon D5000) is a beauty.

I then flew back to NL, and Chad actually flew to California for a conference in San Fran, which is why we had planned this trip in January. After his conference, he was able to meet up with Jarrod & Bridgette for a couple days. Hopefully the boys didn't bore poor Bridgette too much with their camera talk, but I think Chad got some good hands on instructions from his experienced buddy.

It is always nice to go home, but it is also always hard to leave the familiar life. I always have an anxious feeling when getting back on that plane to go to Holland. But, fortunately, when I land in Amsterdam, that feeling goes away. At least we are more comfortable here now, so it does feel like a home away from home.

- S

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