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Monday, April 11, 2011

Rotterdam Marathon

The annual Rotterdam Marathon was this Sunday. Once again, we enjoyed the convenience of our apartment location, and walked down to the bridge to cheer on the runners with the thousands of other spectators.

This is generally a marathon that produces some of the fastest times, predominately because the entire course is so flat (after all, this is Holland). It is fun to stand with all of the people cheering. But I have to laugh when I see people drinking beer and smoking and cheering on marathon athletes, haha.

There were sooo many runners.

They also had bands playing to encourage the runners. We liked this band that was standing on a typical American yellow school bus.

And, the usual suspects in the leader pack returning across the bridge.
Notice his teammate cautioning him to slow down, since he was picking up the pace because of all of the cheering, and the slight decline coming off the bridge. This clearly wasn't their first rodeo.

The winning time was 2:05:27 for the men, and 2:24:20 for the women. Wow!

- S

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Brandi said...

I shot apfel schorle out of my nose when I read "the usual suspects".