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Monday, May 9, 2011

Five weeks out of a suitcase

We have had this 5 week trip planned for months, and it's hard to believe the time has arrived. It was not our intention to take such a long trip, however, it is bookeneded with two conference that Chad is attending in Innsbruck, and Naples (Florida).

So for the week between, we are going to stay in Pittsburgh, Wheeling, and Morgantown to spend time with the fam. The original reason for our trip, too, is Meagan's bridal shower. And, I get to tag along for the rest and explore Austria and sit on the beach in Florida. Poor me... I don't know how I'll manage. Then, we'll cap it off with 3 days in South Beach, Miami, where we will also celebrate our 4th anniversary!

Our epic trip started with a long day of travel: train from ROT to AMS, flight to MUC via CPH, then train to Innsbruck.

Our flight to Munich had a layover in via Copenhagen. Even though we were just in the airport, this might be my only trip to Denmark, so I wanted to try something Danish. I saw everybody eating these little open-faced sandwiches, called Smørrebrød, so I gave them a try.
They had strong flavors, but they were actually pretty tasty.

Chad had a burger, fries, and beer. All together, while we were in the CPH airport for about 2 hours we managed to spend around 60 Euros! on lunch, coffee, and a bottle of water.

It's true what they say, Denmark is one of the most expensive countries to visit because of the currency conversion. I hope to one day we'll be able to make a proper trip to Copenhagen, but I think we should wait until we are making a little more dough first.

In stark contrast, after we landed in Munich and were waiting for our train to Innsbruck, we bought dinner for both of us at the Munich train station for only 10 Euro! Keep in mind that this 10 Euro bought us a half a chicken, potato salad, a giant pretzel, and two beers.
We heart Germany!

And so our trip began... stay tuned


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