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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Every beginning has an end,

and every end has a new beginning.

As on the day when we boarded that plane over 3 years ago to move from Pittsburgh to Amsterdam, with only 6 suitcases and a lot of unanswered questions, today we boarded the plane to move 'home.'  It is surreal.  Mixed emotions are to be expected, but we are predominately excited to be moving back to the United States.

We will certainly miss the numerous outdoor cafes, especially the ones next to a lovely canal or harbor, where you can sit for hours.  We'll miss easily taking a train to explore new cities, and experiencing all of the various festivals in different countries.  We'll also miss some of the "common sense" or "personal responsibility" policies like, for example, being able to go to a city festival, parade, outdoor concert, the movies, or barbecue in the park, and have a beer or glass of wine.  And, of course, we'll miss the great friends that we've made. 

It is nice, though to look forward to being in the same time zone as our family (or closer to it).  We look forward to starting our own family (in time).  We'll be able to read and understand our mail when we get it!  And, if you have an issue with a utility or anything, you can pick up a phone and there will be a polite and helpful customer service representative there eager to help you (free of charge).  Being able to run errands at shops after 5:00 on weekdays, so our entire weekend is not spent doing so... that will be nice, too.  Not to mention having a car back, especially for grocery shopping, so we don't have to carry or bike with everything.

We do not know what New Hampshire holds for us.  Even though we'll be back in the US, it will likely be a different experience than we've had before.  But, we are nothing if not adaptable.  After this Expat experience, we have learned a lot, and grown a lot, and we are confident that we can carve out our home wherever we may be.


Tot Ziens Rotterdam!

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