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Monday, August 23, 2010

Bavaria City Racing

Once again, Rotterdam hosted the Bavaria City Racing demonstrations. And, as can usually be predicted for a festival day, it rained. haha. Nevertheless, it's fun to go and see.
They have Formula One & Grand Prix cars, as well as giant racing trucks (I don't know their official name). They close off the major streets in the city center between the red bridge and the Hofplein fountain circle, and people line the streets to watch. The cars really make such a loud noise when they speed by!
I suppose if you're really into cars, you might find this a bit more interesting than we do, but it gives our friends an excuse to get together and have some drinks on a Sunday afternoon. ;)

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Brandi said...

That looks a bit dangerous... Maybe front row spots wouldn't be such a good idea. Rotterdam has the coolest stuff going on!