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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

UPC (still) Sucks

Preface: Chad recommended that I wait a few days from this original incident, to let myself cool down a bit. So, I have... but my post hasn't changed, haha.


As the name of our internet router suggests, UPS SUCKS. The lovely cable & internet provider for millions of unhappy customers in the Netherlands has again proved they are the best, at being the worst.

I’ll try to make this long, boring & complicated story short.
  1. We shared a cable/internet subscription with our upstairs neighbor, Simo. We have one account, one modem, and two cable boxes

  2. Simo was moving back to Finland end of August

  3. Simo & Chad both called UPC Customer Service (at 10 cents/min) a total of three times, to confirm that they understood that only One of the Two cable boxes was being returned, and the other box, along with the whole account, should be left active

  4. Each time the CS agent assured them this would happen as they wished, and the account would not be cancelled

  5. September 1: the entire account was cancelled, and we have no cable, and soon to be no internet

  6. Chad calls CS again. Not happy (understatement). 20 minute conversation later, it seems our only option is to return our current cable box and modem, because they cannot reactivate our old account, and then we must go to the UPC store downtown, open a new account, and pick up a new cable box and modem

Let me make sure that is clear, so you can understand how ridiculous it is. We currently have a cable box and a UPC modem in our apartment. They cannot do anything with these boxes, cannot reactivate them or transfer them to a new account. We must mail them back. Then we must go to the store and get new ones, along with a new account. GAH!

Every time something like this happens I think to myself, “I should no longer be surprised by stuff like this.” But, each time I am. My brain can’t comprehend their lack of common sense.

Chad was then transferred to the complaints department, and luckily spoke to a very calming lady. She took down the complaint for the two CS agents who assured Simo that the account would not be cancelled. She also promised to refund us the charge for the CS calls, since they did not resolve our issue, as well as refund us the new setup charge we will have to pay for our new account.

The silver lining to all of this hassle, is that when Chad signed up for a new account we also got 6 months free of the Film 1 channel, because of a promotion they were running.


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